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Online Education Training

EDUCATION EDGE NOW online education training enables you to create an effective online or hybrid learning environment to make the eLearning process more efficient and appealing for companies, educational institutions and governments. We take the time to determine the needs of the learner to create an effective learning program and cheap online classes that are best suited for you and your clients and/or students.

Online Education Training Course Design

We believe that a good online course design begins with an understanding of
different learning styles and methods.


The Education Edge Now consulting team has many years of combined experience in online education training curriculum, adult learning and instructional design. We offer eLearning workshops, remote learning, online classes and webinars. We provide you with the ability to create an effective online or hybrid learning environment that will make the eLearning process more efficient and appealing for companies, educational institutions and governments. 

About Us

We serve as an experienced adviser assisting our clients who want to better understand the online and hybrid learning options. 

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  • Course Design
  • Learning Management
  • Academic Advising

We offer customized training for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of online and hybrid learning courses.